In Brookhaven City Council District 1, I'm all about the issues that matter most to our community. From fiscal responsibility and infrastructure improvements to sustainability and transparency, these are the core priorities of our campaign. Join me as we work towards a better, more vibrant Brookhaven for all residents.

Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal responsibility is a core principle that we must uphold. The construction of the new city hall, with an estimated cost exceeding $100 million when considering land lease and other expenses, raises legitimate concerns about prudent financial management. As your Councilman, I'll scrutinize expenditures and seek fiscally responsible solutions that align with our city's needs and resources without burdening taxpayers. Indeed, I will be voting against the property tax increase on the ballot as we must ensure tax stability until the City firmly stabilizes its financial practices.    


Our infrastructure, particularly our roads and sidewalks, demands attention. While paving was a prominent issue during the city's campaign, the reality is that some neighborhoods, like Lynwood Park, still suffer from roads in dire need of repair. Sidewalks in disrepair are not just an inconvenience; they pose safety hazards for pedestrians, especially children and individuals with disabilities. We must prioritize infrastructure improvements to ensure the safety and accessibility of our streets and walkways.


Effective planning is essential for responsible growth and development. The city's inconsistency in adhering to master plans has raised questions about its commitment to responsible planning. As your representative, I'll advocate for clear and consistent planning policies that provide predictability and accountability in our community's development. Master plans should serve as guiding documents that we adhere to, not mere suggestions that can be disregarded at will.


Transparency is the cornerstone of accountable governance, and it's an issue that hits close to home in Brookhaven. The recent Tocco Hills annexation highlighted a concerning lack of transparency. The city was not forthcoming with information about this process and failed to acknowledge their involvement in hiring a company to organize it, including collecting the required signatures, some of which turned out to be fraudulent. As your representative, I'm committed to ensuring that transparency is not just a buzzword but a fundamental aspect of our city's operations. You deserve a government that keeps you informed and accountable.


Our parks are cherished community spaces, and the recent improvements are a step in the right direction. However, the transition from neighborhood parks to regional ones has brought challenges such as increased traffic and parking issues. To address these concerns, we must install effective traffic control measures, enforce parking regulations, and enhance walkability to these areas. Our goal should be to create welcoming and accessible parks for all residents to enjoy.

Stormwater Management

Effective stormwater management is essential for preventing flooding and protecting our natural environment. Brookhaven faces challenges related to stormwater runoff that need comprehensive solutions. As your Councilman and as a Civil Engineer in the water industry, I'll prioritize investing in sustainable stormwater management infrastructure and policies that safeguard our neighborhoods from flooding while preserving the beauty of our local waterways.


The permitting process for residents wishing to make home improvements should be streamlined and resident-friendly. Red tape and bureaucracy can be frustrating obstacles. I am committed to working on improving the permitting process, making it more efficient, accessible, and responsive to residents' needs. We want to encourage responsible home improvements that enhance our community without unnecessary hurdles. Additionally, as your Councilman, I will oppose the City's plan to move the permitting department to an Annex away from City Hall and the City's center.

 These are just a few of the critical issues that we face in Brookhaven District 1. Together, we can work towards solutions that improve our community's quality of life and ensure a bright future for all residents. Your voice matters, and I'm here to represent your interests and concerns.


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