Here's a list of the growing chorus of voices from public servants, business leaders, and engaged citizens who believe in Michael's commitment to integrity, innovation, and inclusive governance. Each endorsement represents a unique testament to the trust and confidence placed in Michael's leadership and his agenda for a thriving, sustainable, and united Brookhaven. Join us as we stand together to support a leader who not only understands our community’s needs but who is also steadfast in his pursuit of progress and excellence for every resident of our vibrant city.

Elected officials and public servants:

"Michael Diaz is a force of genuine passion and unwavering commitment in everything he does. He's not just a political candidate; he’s a leader who truly listens, cares, and lifts the community toward a brighter, more inclusive future.”
- Jason Esteves: Georgia State Senator (D); Equifax Vice President of Legal

"For as long as I’ve known him, Michael has fought passionately for what he believes. Brookhaven is a wonderful community, but it would benefit from a fresh perspective. The city needs Michael’s voice."
- Meagan Myers Hanson: fmr. Georgia State Representative (R) for Brookhaven; current Executive Director of Georgians for Lawsuit Reform

"Michael Diaz and his family embody a truth we all strive toward: the principle that service to others is not just an act, but a way of life. Their collective efforts to elevate those around them and contribute to the Latino and greater community resonate with sincerity and heart.Michael doesn't just talk about making the world a better place, he and his family roll up their sleeves and dive into the work, creating tangible change that we can all see and feel. In every step of his political journey, he carries with him an unwavering commitment to bettering the lives of others, firmly anchored in a character that is as genuine as it is impactful. Michael isn't just a candidate; he's a testament to the incredible impact of service, dedication, and a big heart"
- Rudy Becerra: fmr. White House Special Assistant to President Ronald Reagan; fmr. Coca-Cola's Senior Vice President for Latin Affairs; current Board of Directors of the Latin Chamber of Commerce- Georgia.

"Michael exemplifies true leadership and unassailable character, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to the Latino and greater Georgia community and its future." 
Zulma Lopez: fmr. Georgia State Representative (D); Owner of Lopez Immigration Law.

Engineering and business leaders:

"From the earliest days of Michael Diaz’s career, his intellectual curiosity, respectful demeanor, and graceful acceptance of feedback set him apart. I've watched with immense pride as he transitioned from a promising young engineer to a respected state-wide leader in our industry. Now, as a peer rather than a mentor, I see his unwavering ethical character continue to shine brightly in every endeavor. Michael doesn’t just embody professional and moral integrity; he elevates every room, project, and team he’s a part of, ensuring a future that is not only successful but morally sound and community-driven.”
- George Ajy: Owner, R2T, Inc.

“I have known Michael for over 20 years. He combines sharp intellect with a solid moral foundation, consistently standing out in our engineering community. His collaborative approach and respectful listening have not only enriched our industry but have also steered it towards a future of integrity and community-driven leadership. Michael doesn’t just contribute; he elevates our profession, ensuring a path forward that is both principled and impactful.”
- Michael "Sully" Sullivan: President & CEO, American Council of Engineering Companies of Georgia

“Michael exemplifies professionalism and expertise in the civil engineering sector, earning widespread respect not only within our industry but across the State of Georgia. His reputation is underscored by an impeccable blend of technical acumen and excellent soft skills, all enveloped within a demeanor of genuine respect and attentiveness. Michael doesn’t merely work hard; he works with an intentionality and dedication that resonates, always listening, always respecting, and perennially driving forward with an innovative spirit that not only propels our field but also serves the greater good."
- George Kaffezakis: Retd. Engineering Director Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority

Community Leaders and Neighbors:

“Michael is a natural leader and a true champion for Brookhaven and greenspaces. Working alongside him on the Peachtree Creek Greenway Board, I saw firsthand his genuine passion for making sure every voice was heard and woven into the fabric of every decision. Additionally, Michael approached every challenge with honesty and integrity, traits that along with his enthusiasm and relentless energy and work ethic elevated us all."
- Meredith O’Conner: fmr. Peachtree Creek Greenway Board Member and Treasurer

"Michael Diaz's background as a civil engineer is just the kind of "let's get down to the basics" mentality our city council desperately needs. By establishing trust, building credibility, and showing genuine empathy towards local issues it is possible to maximize engagement in our community.  It takes a unique skillset and I believe Michael is the right person to do this."
- David Cohen: Physician and Murphy Candler Neighbor 

"Michael has always been a leader in our little corner of Lynwood Park. First and foremost he's the ultimate dad. He is known by our little ones as the guy who builds ice luges during snow days, has the best Halloween decorations, and occasionally puts up firework shows for them. He's known to the rest of us as the guy who welcomed our young families to the neighborhood, gave us excellent parenting advice, and as the "handyman" who will fix our garbage discopsal, unclog our pipes, or give us ideas about drainage in our yards in exchange for beer.Michael is funny, generous, gregarious, and a decent and honest man. We all feel extremely fortunate to have him as a neighbor and will vouch for his character every opportunity we get."
- Michael's Neighbors: The Thrifts, the Hamiltons, the Knudsens, the Pharrs, the Postas and the Lasters


"When you look at your child and see not only the physical resemblances but the moral and ethical ones too, it fills you with an immeasurable sense of pride. Michael, our sweet “Micolín” has always exemplified a depth of character that goes beyond his years. His commitment to family, friends, and community isn't just about duty – it comes from a genuine place of caring and wanting to make the world around him a better place. Whether it's as a political candidate, a devoted father, loving husband, or the little boy who always was respectful, careful and helped without being asked, he approaches everything with dedication. Watching him interact with his own daughter and his community, tirelessly working to create a better future, we can't help but think, 'That's my son, my sweet hijito!’ And it's not just a paternal pride but a recognition of the incredible human being he has become."
- Guillermo and Martha Diaz: Parents, Retd. Business Owners

“From the moment Michael stepped into our crazy Puerto Rican family, he didn’t just adapt, he became one of us, infusing his kindness into our lively gatherings and tender moments alike. When my Mom, our beloved matriarch, struggled in the twilight of her years, especially after losing her eyesight, Michael gracefully assisted her and brought her joy in times that were often clouded with challenges - he would even sneak her out to the local Casino so she could play the slot machines. Her affection for him was so profound that we dubbed him 'El Principito' (the Little Prince) and it wasn’t merely a nickname because he seemingly could do no wrong – it was recognition of his fairytale goodness and chivalry. And as a father to my granddaughter, he's been nothing short of wonderful. She, a beacon of perfection and joy, reflects the love and values he's instilled in her every day. Michael doesn’t just embody an exemplary son and man, he encapsulates a profound, unwavering devotion to family that touches every one of us deeply.”
- Annie Toro: Mother-in-Law, retd. Public School Teacher