I am running for Brookhaven Council District 1 for the same reason I became a Planning Commissioner seven years ago: to help build a more sustainable community that serves the needs of all residents. We need to ask not just are we doing the project right, but are we doing the right project. This perspective is rooted in the principles of sustainability, where we balance the three P's - people, planet, and profits.  As a Civil Engineer, I want to provide the community an open, respectful, consensus-based framework for assessing sustainability, resiliency, and equity in Brookhaven.

My track record of professional and community leadership, coupled with a commitment to listening to constituents and applying independent critical thinking, has prepared me for this role. I've also dedicated my time to volunteering in the community, working alongside you to make positive changes.

We have a great City, but we can make it better, more resilient and inclusive. Join me in creating a more sustainable and inclusive future for all our families, one where we prioritize conservation, smart growth, and inclusivity. 

As I always say, "I see change as an opportunity to make things better." Together, we can seize this opportunity and shape a brighter future for Brookhaven.